Today, you have to be a very ignorant believer to imagine that

Another way that Weinstein seems to have gotten away with the alleged harassment and assault is by paying off accusers. The New York Times reported that Weinstein reached a settlement with the actress Rose McGowan for $100,000 in 1997, when she was 23, after an incident at hotel during the Sundance Film Festival. Over the decades, several other women reportedly reached similar settlements, and of the women involved in the Weinstein agreements collected between roughly $80,000 and $150,000, the Times noted..

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Canada Goose Parka He is, according to the consensus of the two dozen current and former White House insiders I talked to, the single most influential voice shaping American foreign policy aside from Potus himself. it was also actively misleading, because the most meaningful part of the negotiations with Iran had begun in mid 2012, many months before Rouhani and the “moderate” camp were chosen in an election among candidates handpicked by Iran’s supreme leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The idea that there was a new reality in Iran canada goose outlet store uk was politically useful to the Obama administration. By obtaining broad public currency for canada goose jacket outlet the thought that there was a significant split in the regime, and that the administration was reaching out to moderate minded Iranians who wanted peaceful relations with their neighbors and with America, Obama was able to evade what might have otherwise been a divisive but clarifying debate over the actual policy choices that his administration was making.The Times investigations generally support what Rhodes says: digital media has completely altered the way the press interacts with POTUS, and narratives can simply be confectedout of thin air. Canada Goose Parka

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