Analysts polled by Reuters last month forecast the bank first

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canada goose outlet online uk Net income in the three months to March 31 fell 4.7 percent to 601 million dirhams ($163.6 million), or 0.38 dirhams per share, compared with 630.62 million dirhams, or 0.40 dirhams per share, in the year earlier period, the state controlled lender said in a statement on the Abu Dhabi bourse Web site on Tuesday.General, administration and other operating expenses surged 45 percent to 225 million dirhams.Costs rose on in the brand, in new technology, and the bank new businesses, such as Islamic and private banking, and in premises, Michael Tomalin, the bank chief executive officer, told Reuters in Abu Dhabi.costs last year grew only 12 percent, which was low compared canada goose to others, so this year was catch up, Tomalin said.The Abu Dhabi controlled buy canada goose jacket cheap lender plans to open a Swiss based private banking unit on June 1 and a unit that complies with Islamic law on July 1, Tomalin told Reuters in January.NBAD, whose Canada Goose Parka shares have surged 25 percent this year, may open as many as four Islamic branches in the UAE in 2007, Tomalin told Reuters in November. canadian goose jacket [nL02753165]The Swiss unit, aimed at wealthy Arabs with accounts canada goose outlet and holiday homes in Switzerland, could account for 5 percent to 10 percent of the bank revenue within three years, he said.EXPANSION NBAD is planning to open as many as 20 branches canada goose clearance in the UAE this year.Analysts polled by Reuters last month forecast the bank first quarter profit at an average 592.88 million dirhams. [nL30309866]Net income from fees and commissions was largely unchanged at 225.5 million dirhams, according to canada goose clearance sale the bank statement. canada goose outlet online uk

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