That flier went out to thousands of District 5 voters

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Goyard Replica Bags If anyone should be filing a complaint, it should be me, and in fact, it is my understanding that on Friday, a District 5 resident filed a petition with the Election Commission asking for an investigation into MNEA’s fraudulent flier that incorrectly names one of my opponents as an incumbent. That flier went out to thousands of District 5 voters, and still hasn’t been corrected. Though I expect a full investigation of these matters , this campaign will continue to focus on a positive vision for our schools.””I am excited about the first day of school and all of the good things happening in Nashville’s public schools.

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What to do if you being bulliedWhen you being bullied, it easy to feel powerless, but Bryan said it important to protect yourself and suggests a approach. Bryan said you need to document any evidence of bullying. This can include emails, notes from conversations and meetings, and dates and times of harmful interactions..

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